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Wearing the hijab had changed me both physically and internally. I can't describe how I really feel. Wearing it with all my heart out, God, I feel so blessed to finally been chosen as one of the billions Muslim out there to find my way back to Allah.

And yes, as a beginner, sometimes I feel quite shy wearing it especially in public places. I can't help but to feel insecure when random eyes were looking at me as if I was weird. And I even feel horrible walking through those girls who show out their skinny legs and sexy curves. What's worse is that sometimes I feel embarrassed for being the only one who covers my aurat while everybody else is dressing freely. Now I've realized that it wasn't me who should feel that way but it's vice versa. After all, I do this for the sake of my religion and covering your aurat was never an option if you're a Muslim. It's a must.

I never look down to people who haven't thought about covering their aurat, same goes to people who only wear their hijab when they go out and still display their hair in the social networks. It's enough for me to spread the dakwah within the people who's willing to change. Forcing other people to take this such huge commitment won't be easy. Plus, sincerity comes from one's heart, not by forcing it. But here's a piece of advice from yours truly, it's true that somehow every one of us wanted to wait till "the right time" for us to finally cover our aurat. I myself didn't cover mine as soon as I reached puberty. It takes time. But in the meantime, you can't just wait till "the right time" to hit you, you got to do some efforts as well. Ask yourselves, would you let your parents carry all your sins for not covering your aurat just because "you're not ready yet?". Think about it.

Of course, critics and hatred will never stop chasing you. There will be random people saying such stuff like "Pakai tudung tapi buat itu ini". All the entire time, I never bother to care about what these negative-minded people will think about me. I mean, if you really know your responsibility in covering your aurat, your responsibility as a women to take care of your social life, then screw what other people think, Allah knows best. Pakai sebab fashion? Pakai sebab ikhlas? Pakai sebab terpaksa? Look at yourself in the mirror and take some responsibility of it. Don't just wear it because you have to wear it. But wear it with pride.

"Feeling shy to wear the Islamic identity? By Allah you shall feel shy to enter Paradise." -@IslamSpeaks

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  1. Alhamdulillah. MasyaAllah. This is really good. I'm glad you wrote this. :)

    Have you read mine on the hijab yet? Hihi.


  2. I love this post so much! :') I agree with your word... "we just cant wait for 'the right time' to hit you, but we have to make efforts as well" alhamdulillah :-) I love you for changing into the better ones :-)

  3. Wow,it feels really great to know that you've started to wear hijab,seems like you've passed one of your resolutions,haha.I hope all girls out there will read this post.It's casual yet still inspiring.And oh,I love this phrases: "covering your aurat was never an option if you're a Muslim." keke,sorry for this long comment.You won't mind,i suppose? :D

  4. Alhamdulillah. Masya Allah, you're so pretty :)
    So glaaaaaadd here o/

    Hehe,agreed with you sis, and also,
    hidayah perlu dicari, bukan ditunggu :')

    Now you just passed a level to cover your aurat, but still need to face the harder one, which is ISTIQAMAH :)
    Well, all the best <3 FIGHTING!

  5. omg nazihah, im proud of you! teruskan istiqamah. May Allah bless your days ahead :)

    All the best dear <3

  6. Sister, just so yknow that I'm totally adore you since I've read your blog last year. Well, this post made me put more respect towards you as you're one of the hijabians now hehe I'm proud of you! xoxo

  7. Nazihah,you're so pretty with that hijab :'>

  8. Alhamdulillah, I'm really happy for you. I'm totally agree with this;
    "covering your aurat was never an option if you're a Muslim. It's a must."

  9. i love this post :) all the best for you to put aside all critics that might put you down :) you're prettier when berhijab :)

  10. Been waiting for the new post and it's finally here!! Congrats again!

  11. Alhamdullillah. Praise to Allah, may Allah will always guide us to the right path.. :D

  12. alhamdulillah. congrats dear. you're so pretty wearing hijab. keep wearing it :)

  13. Haters gonna hate, just live your life the better way. Congratulations anyway :)

  14. Zihah, glad to know this. I already followed your Twitter before you wore tudung and I after I saw your twitcon with tudung i thought you wear it for 'saja saja'. Sorry for thinking this way :/

  15. wanita bertudung itu macam gula-gula yang belum dibuka bungkusnya.
    jatuhnya ke tanah, tidak sedikit pun mencemarkan isi di dalamnya.

    * semuga istiqamah :)

  16. subhanAllah you're so pretty with hijab my dear <3